On wanting to work with clients you love


Last year, I decided I only want to work with people I love working with.

Not like.

Not tolerate.


And having worked with clients on both ends of the spectrum – the kind I send memes to and snort over random jokes with… to the kind who triggered anxiety attacks that lasted all day…

I’ve found that the only way I can be certain that I’m only attracting the type from column A (aside from the obvious “strategic” stuff like messaging, offer design, application forms etc) is this:

Hit them between the eyes with who I really am. 

⇢ Dress like me – whether I’m on video, at a photoshoot, at the shops or on Zoom.

⇢ Write like me – whether it’s a piece of content, an article, or one of my famously long & rambly emails.

⇢ Make awkward jokes and mix metaphors like me – whether on a discovery call, a podcast, or coaching call.

⇢ Be fully transparent like me – whether it’s talking about the mistakes I’ve made, being upfront about my pricing, or even telling someone I don’t think my program is right for them.

Sounds simple, right?

But know how many years of practice it’s taken me to reach this level of clarity and comfort?


(if we’re only counting my years of entrepreneurship)

You’re not supposed to get it right from the beginning.

You won’t know who you love working with until you work with all sorts of clients.

You won’t know what showing up as “you” looks like until you’ve tried showing up as someone you’re not.

And even after developing self-belief, self-worth and sureness in what you do — you’ll likely still have days when it feels scary to honour your boundaries & turn down opportunities that don’t light you up.

Because you, my beautiful friend, are human.

Stop panicking you’re not cut out for this.

Stop beating yourself up for not being “there” yet – there is a moving target anyway – and start seeing every single action you take, every single experience you have as an opportunity to deepen your self-awareness and grow.

Celebrate the mistakes lessons.

Celebrate the discomfort.

Celebrate the wins.

It’s all a sign of progress.

You’ve got this.

– Kat x

with love,
Kat Elizabeth

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