Becoming Magnetic
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Becoming Magnetic to more clients + opportunities + sales

without the hustle.


Becoming Magnetic is a journey OF INTROVERTED CREATIVES in this new era of attracting what we desire that involves going within, and less of doing #allthethings.

I would be guiding you in:

  • Knowing the blend of marketing strategy + mindset + energy in creating a powerful vehicle to call in more of your dream clients.

  • Embodying your divinity and expressing your genius in a way that it deserves to be expressed.

  • Stripping away societal conditioning, cultural programming, and personal masks, and walk in the world as who you truly are.

  • Practicing the feminine energy of exacting standards and integrity, as the first step in manifestation.

  • Acknowledging, confronting, and transmuting fears with the purpose of regaining and standing in your power.


BECOMING MAGNETIC is for the creative just like you, who's introverted and highly sensitive and desires…

  • More sales from clients, digital products, and other streams of incomebecause abundance comes from various ways.

  • Earning more while living more. This means constantly living in purpose while having more time for coffee dates with friends, yoga, massages, and playing with your kids (or fur babies!).

  • Ways on creating a marketing and content strategy that is uniquely yours and will effectively and efficiently work for you.


Hi, I’m Jennica, an introverted creative who believes in the power of your mind and your energy in transforming your life and business.


Ready to ACTIVATE your magnetism to sales?

All you need is 2 hours with me + a notebook to take notes on + your full commitment to this process.