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Prioritise yourself. Set boundaries.

Because not everyone deserves your attention.

Not everyone who approaches you needs to take space, to suck your energy.

As a highly sensitive person building an impactful business online, we can only handle so much on an hourly basis. If you're not aware of this high sensitivity trait, you'll always be the "kind" one. The one who takes it all. The reliable one. The giver. The one that's always there. You're conscientious and empathetic.

But at the same time, you're also like a sponge of emotions. You tend to be more affected with stimulation that non-HSPs would simply shrug off, or maybe even not pay attention to. You're drained of energy that you unconsciously gave others even if you have your own set of relaxing activities waiting for you at home.

But now that you're here and you're reading this and you know who you are and you have a visual of what you can be... You don't have to take on whatever doesn't "spark joy", as Marie Kondo would say.

You get to choose to be better.

You get to choose to know who you are. Not as a label, not as an excuse... But as a way to empower yourself. To show you an evidence of how amazing you are. That's what high sensitivity is - initially seen as a weakness but in reality, is actual strength.

Now that you're in my journal, a space created for highly sensitives such as you and I, you can freely be yourself knowing that you're not alone, you're not that different. You can finally simply experience whatever's optimal for you.

Now that there's awareness, you can readily protect yourself by setting boundaries on what's available for you and on how people can treat you.

With that... There's a greater need to be strong and firm about what we're allowing, what's available, and what's a definite no.

Are you creating the boundaries you need to create in your life?

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